Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chewing Gum! Bubble Gum!! Gum!!!

Chewing Gum every buddy wants to taste it. some of them don't, few of them does that.

Today Indian kids (including my childhood) are like bubble gums. Most of the kids TV Channels more advertise their ads to attract kids, to push to taste of it.

Youngsters are like Chewing Gum.

They thought chewing gum gives some energy. I have no idea about it.
But the US military has supply chewing gum to their soldiers, since long back.

you can see that bottles on near of your place provision stores/supper markets/ bung stales/ medicals/ hotels to attract to buy it.

How to dispose?
Ref: image.
Its easy to dispose. Evey chewing/bubble gum companies provide one silver paper for that purpose. but the people are just removed that rapper and though it on air. After the taste that
The main issue on organizations / malls / public place /mainly in toilets.

Health issue:
1. If you unfortunately swallowed these gums digest will take more then 5years.
2. Dental Health affect, i heard about, not sure.
3. ..


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