Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dell Security Software! If any other choice..

Today i pop-out one Dell Desktop ad "Dell(TM) Inspiron Desktop 545s (S241105IN8)".

I seen the features and the hardware configurations from "Build My Dell".
One of my option:
"Security Software: Do you bank online? Will children or other family members have access to this computer? Protect your accounts and your family with antivirus software including pop-up blocker and parental controls."

Is there any chance to "Select/Deselect feature"?.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apple's Magic Mouse!

No word's to saw. This is mouse. no wonder.
Apple Invents New. yes Always New :)

Watch the Mouse : Magic Mouse

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do Not Disturb / Call List - India

Dear Friends,
In India, If you are receiving unwanted calls from the advertisement agency Tele markters; 
You want to block you number. Just log on the "Do Not Disturb / Call List - India" Select the company, and register.

This is not sure. But will see.

Windows 7 in India!

Happy to heard about the windows 7 release.
I thing this is "Windows" milestone.

I have surfed on Indian Microsoft pages. That explain all expect the buying Price in indian Rupees. This such information is must on the new product.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Google features Gandhi doodle

Indo Asian News Service

Last Updated: October 02,2009 05:52:34

London, Oct 2 (IANS) The search engine Google Friday decorated its home page with a sketch of Mahatma Gandhi on his 140th birth anniversary.

The page, seen by millions of people around the world every day as they search the internet, showed Gandhi's face - the dome of his head and mushtacheo forming the initial letter 'G'.

Gandhi joins a select band of people to have featured in 'Google's doodles', which include Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Confucius, Luciano Pavarotti, Dr Seuss, Andy Warhol, Claude Money, Louis Braille, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and, posthumously, Michael Jackson.

The doodles are overseen by Dennis Hwang, who joined the company in 2000 and has been using the logo to mark particular dates or events.

Last week Google released a special misspelt version of its own name - as 'Googlle' - to mark the company's 11th birthday.

@ Copyright 2009 Indo Asian News Service.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering Michael's Birthday On August 29th..

On August 29th Michael Jackson would have turned 51 years old. Go to the Memories section of to leave leave your personalized birthday message.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swineflu in India

Hey Friend!,

Don't Panic Swin flu
Chennai Swine Flu H1N1 Helpline 044-24321569

Swine Flu Testing Hospitals Chennai : King Institute of Preventive Medicine Chennai
(24/7 Service) 044-22501706

Beware Swine Flu

Be Happy with Swine Flu Awareness..
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009; WHO advice on face masks
Current Pandemic Phase 6

Evidence suggests that the main route of human-to-human transmission of the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus is via respiratory droplets, which are expelled by speaking, sneezing or coughing.

Any person who is in close contact (approximately 1 meter) with someone who has influenza-like symptoms (fever, sneezing, coughing, running nose, chills, muscle ache etc) is at risk of being exposed to potentially infective respiratory droplets.
Mask use has been found useful for Health care workers, those caring for patients at the home and most importantly anyone who is sick and must leave home. This allows others to identify a symptomatic person, keep their distance and prevent the sick person from dispersing the respiratory droplets. Mask use should be combined with other general measures such as frequent hand washing and cough etiquette.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop Ragging!

Nearly a month after it launched a countrywide (india) 24x7 toll free anti-ragging helpline (18001805522), UGC has decided to rope in NGOs for monitoring to ensure ragging victims get justice.

UGC has invited applications from NGOs, which have been active in the field of monitoring activities in the social sector on a pan-India level, to take up the role of watchdog to curb ragging. Selected NGOs will be involved in providing information on non-compliance of SC’s directives to statutory bodies as well as violation of regulation of UGC and other statutory council to regulatory bodies for ragging.

Friday, July 24, 2009

We have 3 stupid stages of life!!!

Teen age:
Have Time + Energy …but No Money

Working Age:
Have Money + Energy …but No Time

Old age:
Have Time + Money …but no Energy

Thanx sarv from a mail..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A/C Car! Important Precaution!!

Please do not turn on A/C immediately as soon as you enter the car.

Open the windows after you enter your car and turn ON the Air-conditioning after a couple of minutes.

Here's why:
According to a research, the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener emit Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin (carcinogen - take time to observe the smell of heated plastic in your car).

In addition to causing cancer, Benzene poisons your bones, causes anemia and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer. May also cause miscarriage.

Acceptable Benzene level indoors is 50 mg per sq. ft..

A car parked indoors with windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene. If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level... people who get into the car, keeping windows closed willinevitably inhale, in quick succession excessive amounts of the toxin.

Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver. What's worse, it is extremely difficult for your body to expel this toxic stuff.

So friends, please open the windows and door of your car - give time for interior to air out -dispel the deadly stuff - before you enter.

Thankx - A/C Car! Important Precaution!! (I received this from one of my friends mail..)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mamata doesn't have a car!

See the below advertisement on internet banner..

How can She!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ripon Building to have wi-fi soon

CHENNAI: Ripon Building, the headquarters of Chennai Corporation, may soon have access to wireless internet connectivity, as a trial run to make the heritage building wi-fi-enabled is in progress.

“We are attempting to do away with the wiring as it is a heritage building. With wi-fi we will be able to cover the entire building with internet connectivity,” according to senior official of the Corporation.

Thanks "The Hindu"